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Anne Winter received the Award for Innovation for her submission "Creative Densification" at the Mosaic Artists of Canada exhibition held at The Art Gallery of Alberta in 2021.

Cities have become increasingly unaffordable. Sadly what this means is that many people are forced to leave the city where they grew up in order to afford their own place.  Creative Densification is about increasing density and enriching character in cities in imaginative ways like laneway housing, secondary suites and co-housing. While these more affordable options won't solve the housing crisis on their own they will contribute by enabling people to put down roots in established communities close to family and friends.

Making "Creative Densification" by Anne Winter

Making "Creative Densification" by Anne Winter

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Making Creative Densification

This short video provides a time lapse overview of its construction.


1/3: House that pivots; house on stilts

2/3: Stacked houses

3/3: Micro houses with green roofs

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