"Artists and cultural workers tend to cluster. They feed off one another's energy; they offer critical yet supportive audiences; they provide collaborators and support networks for risky endeavours. They create 'scenes' that become destinations and economic engines."​

 (From The Ground Up:  Growing Toronto's Cultural Sector)​


Culture Clusters is about the ability of the arts to enrich communities both culturally and economically.   Artistic ventures "tend to cluster" and these 'hubs' become destinations that attract visitors exposing people to new ideas and challenging the way we think. Although there is a lot of enthusiasm about Toronto's vibrant arts scene we lag far behind other major Canadian cities in per capita funding.  And it is an ongoing problem that artists continue to be forced out by rent increases from the very neighbourhoods they helped enliven.



1/3: cluster of creative energy

2/3: cluster of creative energy

3/3: greyness, monotony, an area bereft of art



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