The amaWal Cube

30in x 30in (76.2cm x 76.2cm)                 

mixed media

The amaWal Cube, a finalist in the Salt Spring National Art Prize 2019/2020, was one of 52 works chosen for the biennial exhibition from 1,973 submissions from across Canada.

* * *

Whether we give it much thought, or whether we think about it at all, our personal information is being aggressively data-mined by increasingly sophisticated algorithms.


Where we go, what we buy, what we search for online; everything about us has become data to be collected, bought and sold. And heavyweights like Amazon and Walmart are spending billions of dollars to acquire that data, eliminating competition through the systematic assimilation of smaller companies and startups.


The amaWal Cube, expressed in part by the enormous quantity of cardboard packaging inundating our lives, questions what might happen if the most powerful tech and e-commerce giants join forces and become even more powerful. Who would be in control then?  We're in uncharted territory.

The panel consists of hundreds of tiny boxes constructed from wood - painted, etched and detailed to resemble cardboard boxes. Contained linearly by strips of metal and black painted wood the boxes appear calmly and efficiently restrained. There are no focal points and no discernible patterns in The amaWal Cube. There is an underlying perception of an ominous order that is unsettling


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