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MADE IN TORONTO - Part 1: Local Economies

Made in Toronto - Local Economies looks at the importance of preserving our existing small urban factories.  Toronto's industrial past has left us with many of these small buildings that over time have become woven into the urban fabric.  And although they may be ordinary looking, they were solidly built for the industry they once housed.  But too many of these small factories are at risk of being demolished to make way for housing.  We have to ask the question - where will people work if we continue to demolish urban factories? Compared to the high cost of new construction, the adaptive re-use of existing urban factories provides new start-up businesses with more affordable leases and the opportunity to grow a customer base in established mixed-use neighbourhoods.

Collection of Ken and Eti Greenberg



1/2:  small urban factories in a waterfront mixed-use community


2/2:  small-scale industry woven into the fabric of the community



Initial sketches for Local Economies.

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