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The largest urban waterfront renewal project in North America

1. Disconnection

Obsolescent industrial port lands, contaminated soil, brownfields, derelict buildings, underutilized land.  Don River mouth cut off from Lake Ontario.  Smokestacks, dumpsites, warehouses, barriers, competing uses.

2. Opportunity

Vision, planning, land reclamation, soil remediation.  Renaturalization of the Don River mouth, flood protection.  New infrastructure, inclusive zoning.  Waterfront Toronto.  Design competition.  Historical preservation, Canary Restaurant. New mixed-use waterfront communities, short blocks, intensification.

3. Interconnection

Dynamic, compact, sustainable communities.  Adaptive re-use.  Destination points, Essroc Silos, Underpass Park.  Architectural diversity. Life on a canal.  Waterfront LRT.  Woonerfs, greenspaces, bike trails.

Toronto Waterfront Project - Documentary
Toronto Waterfront Project - Documentary

Toronto Waterfront Project - Documentary

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