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(at the Scarborough Town Centre)


The much anticipated announcement to convert the Scarborough Town Centre mall and property to the newly named Centre for Urban Agriculture Education and Innovation (CUAEI) was met with enthusiasm by Drone Delivery Scarborough (DDS), the first group to tour the grounds of the former megamall.


Plans include extensive soil remediation to prepare for the planting of a wide variety of vegetables, berries, fruit and nut trees. The earth, having been smothered under layers of asphalt for almost half a century, will be restored in phases scheduled to begin this Spring. The parking lots adjacent to the former Sears department store which ceased operation in 2017 will be the first to undergo the transformation. Drone Q-2 was eager to 'selfie' at the Sears site noting the innovative retailer pioneered the age of home delivery.

In support of the project The Scarborough Historical Society has reported that the Baton Rouge Steakhouse, located on the northeast corner of the site, has generously offered to rename their restaurant The Old Scott House.  The Scott family farmhouse was built in 1841 with stones laboriously cleared from the 200 acre property.  A prize-winning farmer, George Scott was an active supporter of The Scarborough Agricultural Society which was formed in 1844. Organic produce, honey, nuts and syrup harvested from the reclaimed farmland will be featured on their revamped menus.

Taking in the view of the enormous site from atop the Cineplex Cinemas Drone F-1 tweeted on behalf of the group: "DDS welcomes the opportunity to deliver fresh local produce to the community. THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING!!!!"


(at the Scarborough Town Centre)

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